Parish Giving Scheme & Gift Aid


The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is an exciting, free resource to help our benefice and and members of the wider community give more efficiently to our churches and save parishes valuable time!  It is now possible for donors to give by telephone, more details below.

The PGS offers a direct debit covenant between a donor and parish that includes optional inflationary giving and automated collection of Gift Aid. The scheme was launched in our diocese in 2018 and has now been adopted by over 160 parishes with over 1,000 generous donors giving over £100,000 a month into parish accounts!

The PGS allows people to give, and centralises the collection of gift aid on relevant donations, maximising the giving and monies received by the churches and reducing the burden on treasurers and the PCCs.

You can download the customised forms for each of our parishes here:

(If your parish is not listed, please contact the PCC Treasurer)

Little Wratting PGS Gift Form – St Eds & Ips.pdf